Final Fantasy 16 Eikon Tier List [All Ranked]

Explore the FF16 Eikon Tier List to strategically optimize your gameplay in Final Fantasy 16 by equipping the best abilities for Clive.

All Eikons & the abilities they offer to Clive in Final Fantasy 16 are not the same. Some are stronger, some are weaker, and this is why players need FF16 Eikon Tier List. It tells players which Eikons are the best and offers perspective to the new and returning Final Fantasy players in picking the right Eikons for the abilities they offer. That is why I have curated Final Fantasy 16 Eikon tier list, ranking all 8 mighty Titans so that you can prioritize picking the best one.

Important: FF16 features 8 Eikons that Clive can summon & use their abilities via individual ability wheels. There are 2 more Eikons that are story-locked only, making the overall list at 10 Eikons in Final Fantasy 16.

This tier list ranking is based on the application or usability of all Eikon abilities for Clive and not the scripted Eikon boss fights in FF16.

Key Takeaways
  • There are 10 Eikons in Final Fantasy 16, and only 8 Eikons are usable for Clive. 
  • Eikons are very powerful beings in Final Fantasy 16.
  • All Eikons have different powers and abilities that Clive can utilize to fight enemies or bosses & progress the main and side quests.
  • Some Eikon abilities that Clive can use are much stronger than others, and that is why picking the right or the best ones will allow you to do more damage with much less effort
  • Picking the right Eikon can change how you play Final Fantasy 16, as the high-ranking ones will make your gameplay easy and the low-ranking ones could potentially make the experience difficult or grindy for you.
  • Remember, the Eikon you choose can impact your experience, and it’s not always about the strongest Eikon, but the one that suits your playstyle.

Final Fantasy 16 All Eikons Ranked

Here is a brief look at all eikons, their best feature & how to get each one of them in FF16:

Serial NumberEikon NameBest FeatureHow to Unlock in FF16
1TitanVersatile choice in battles, offering blocking, attacking, and countering capabilities.Overcome Hugo in the main questline, "Capital Punishment" and complete "Bolts of the Blue" questline to unlock Titan's abilities.
2OdinWide range of abilities like Gungnir and Arm of Darkness, and the ability to slow down time.Complete the "Last King" quest to unlock Odin.
3BahamutAbility to deal massive amounts of damage, especially during boss fights and challenging battles.Complete the 'Fire in the Sky' quest to unlock Bahamut.
4GarudaSet of abilities that provide strategic depth and versatility, especially for aerial combat.Access is given as part of the narrative progression of the game.
5RamuhShock attacks and powerful lightning bolts that can disrupt enemies and deal substantial damage.Obtain Ramuh's power at the conclusion of "The Crystals' Curse" mission.
6ShivaAggressive and tactical playstyle, with abilities offering great crowd control and increased agility.Unlock during the "Through the Maelstrom" quest when Jill shares her Eikon's powers with Clive.
7IfritSynergy with Phoenix's abilities, providing both offensive and defensive benefits.Unlocked during the main story upon completion of the "Buried Memories" quest and beginning of "The Meaning of Life" quest.
8PhoenixRemarkable support abilities, including healing capabilities, accessible early in the game.Introduced during the "Sunrise, Sunset" mission and fully utilized in the "Lost in a Fog" mission.

FF16 Eikons Tier Ranking Overview

Here is a quick look at the overall ranking of all Eikons in Final Fantasy 16: 

STitan, Odin
ABahamut, Garuda
BRamuh, Shiva
CIfrit, Phoenix


The FF16 Eikon Tier List is an essential guide for players, and both Eikons that I have listed in S-tier are extremely powerful as they host a wide range of abilities that just melts enemies and makes boss fights a lot easier.  


Titan [Image Credits: eXputer]
Titan is a large Eikon that resembles a giant made of rocks and tentacles. He is the Eikon of Earth and his Dominant is Hugo Kupka, the leader of the Iron Kingdom. Titan is one of the hostile Eikons that Clive, the main protagonist, has to face in his quest to avenge his brother Joshua.

To unlock the Titan Eikon in Final Fantasy 16, players must first overcome the formidable Hugo in the main questline, “Capital Punishment.” However, this feat only grants access to Titan, with the full array of Titan’s earth-shattering abilities becoming available after completing the “Bolts of the Blue” questline. Through these quests, you’ll unlock potent abilities for Clive like Raging Fists, Windup, and Earthen Fury.


  • Versatile combat moves with blocking, attacking, and countering.
  • Increased potency with perfectly timed abilities like Raging Fists and Windup.
  • Crowd-control capabilities with moves like Earthen Fury and Upheaval.
  • Defensive utility with Titanic Block.


  • Precise timing required for many abilities.
  • Limited effectiveness against heavier opponents.
  • Slowed movement during Titanic Block.
  • Abilities locked behind specific questlines, potentially limiting early access.


FF16 Odin
Odin in FF16 [Image Credits: eXputer]
In Final Fantasy 16, Odin is revered as the Eikon of Darkness. This mystical being is renowned for his formidable presence and offers a diverse range of abilities to players. Representing one of the eight Eikons in FF16, Odin is a powerful ally who can greatly influence the combat mechanics and playstyle, thus enhancing the player’s journey.

Unlocking Odin requires the completion of the “Last King” quest. This compelling mission takes players on a journey of exploration and combat, culminating in an epic confrontation that will test their skills and strategy. On successful completion, players will be rewarded with Odin’s Eikon, unlocking his range of abilities and adding a new dimension to the gameplay.


  • Diverse abilities like Gungnir and Arm of Darkness for crowd control and rapid assaults.
  • Versatility with Dancing Steel to adapt to different situations.
  • Rift Slip slows down time for strategic advantage.
  • Zantetsuken level can deal significant damage with the right abilities.


  • High Ability Points (AB) requirement for some abilities.
  • Certain abilities, like Gungnir, don’t contribute to the Limit Break bar.
  • Some abilities require high skill levels.
  • Accessing Odin is time-consuming and challenging due to the Last King quest.


Choosing the right Eikon becomes easier with this FF16 Eikon Tier List. That is why Bahamut and Garuda are my next best powerful beings in Final Fantasy 16 whose abilities are very helpful in clearing enemies during main missions or side missions. 


Bahamut [Image Credits: eXputer]
Bahamut, known as the King of Dragons and the Eikon of Light in Final Fantasy 16, is an Eikon that favors an aggressive, tactical playstyle. Recognized for its impressive damage output, Bahamut is ideal for players seeking to assert their dominance in battles by becoming a force of Light. Despite its formidable nature, mastering Bahamut demands skill, strategy, and a significant investment in Ability Points. 

To unlock Bahamut, players need to successfully complete the ‘Fire in the Sky’ quest. Upon defeating Bahamut in this quest, they gain access to his Eikonic build & abilities. Unlocking and mastering abilities, however, requires substantial Ability Points (AB), posing an exciting challenge for players seeking to fully harness the power of this King of Dragons. 


  • Bahamut excels at dealing massive damage, especially in boss fights.
  • Versatile abilities suit various playstyles.
  • Adds an extra layer of strategy with abilities like Flare Breath and Gigaflare.
  • Useful in many combat situations.


  • High AB cost for unlocking and upgrading abilities.
  • Requires grinding for AB, which can be time-consuming.
  • Some abilities demand skill and precise timing, like Wings of Light.


Garuda [Image Credits: eXputer]
In Final Fantasy 16, Garuda, also known as the Eikon of the Wind, offers protagonist Clive a unique set of abilities to aid him throughout his journey. Renowned for their tactical depth and versatility, Garuda’s powers facilitate potent combinations, particularly for aerial combat. Remember, your choice of Eikon greatly affects your gameplay, hence the importance of the FF16 Eikon Tier List.


  • Garuda’s abilities emphasize combos and strategic options over raw damage.
  • Rook’s Gambit enhances Clive’s defenses and adds tactical depth.
  • Wicked Wheel sets up powerful aerial combos for skilled players.


  • Some abilities like Wicked Wheel are less effective against heavy enemies or bosses.
  • Rook’s Gambit requires a high skill level to use effectively.


The FF16 Eikon Tier List ranks Eikons based on their power and effectiveness. That is why Ramuh and Shiva are placed in B-tier. Even though many players will find Ramuh and Shiva useful, I for one found other Eikon abilities versatile and much more damaging than the B-tier ones. 


Ramuh [Image Credits: eXputer]
Ramuh in Final Fantasy 16 is an Eikon, a summonable entity, that initially belongs to Cid but is later passed on to the main character, Clive Rosfield. Known for his stunning shock attacks and powerful lightning bolts, Ramuh is a recurring lightning summon in the series and has several signature abilities, including “Judgement Bolt”. His abilities mainly focus on disrupting enemies and dealing substantial damage under the right conditions, making Ramuh a formidable ally in combat scenarios.

Unlocking Ramuh in Final Fantasy 16 is tied to the progression of the main storyline. Players will obtain Ramuh’s power at the conclusion of “The Crystals’ Curse” mission. His abilities are given to Clive, adding another layer of strategy and power to the player’s toolkit. As FF16 progresses, players will have opportunities to further explore and maximize the effectiveness of Ramuh’s powers in different combat scenarios.


  • Ramuh’s abilities offer a mix of melee and ranged attacks for versatility.
  • Blind Justice allows Clive to mark and target multiple enemies with lightning attacks, enhancing control.
  • Affixed lightning from Blind Justice can create chain reactions for additional damage.
  • Pile Drive and Thunderstorm are effective for crowd control.


  • Judgement Bolt is primarily single-target, less effective against groups of weaker enemies.
  • Maximizing affixed lightning from Blind Justice requires melee attacks, limiting ranged strategies.
  • Chain reactions and detonations demand precise timing and targeting, potentially challenging for some players.”


ff16 shiva
Shiva (Image Captured by eXputer)

In “Final Fantasy 16”, Shiva is one of the Eikons that players can access later in FF16. This Eikon embodies the element of ice, with her playstyle described as aggressive and tactical. Shiva’s Dominant, Jill, bestows these powers upon Clive during the “Through the Maelstrom” quest. Each Eikon provides unique abilities that players can leverage in their gameplay, enhancing their combat strategies and choices. Shiva’s capabilities significantly add to a player’s moveset, offering a mix of effectiveness and spectacle.

Unlocking Shiva in Final Fantasy 16 occurs through narrative progression rather than achievement-based gameplay. Specifically, during the “Through the Maelstrom” quest, Jill, the Dominant of Shiva, shares her Eikon’s powers with Clive. These powers are manifested as Eikonic abilities that enrich the combat experience, allowing the player to tackle battles with a strategic edge.


  • Rime and Diamond Dust abilities excel at crowd control.
  • Rime immobilizes and damages enemies with a crystal, while Diamond Dust freezes and staggers a broad area of foes.
  • Cold Snap enhances agility and defense, triggering Frostbite and Permafrost.
  • Mesmerize pulls smaller enemies closer and disrupts their actions, setting up combos.


  • Powerful abilities like Diamond Dust require a substantial amount of Ability Points (AB) to unlock and have long cooldowns.
  • High-impact abilities may not always justify the waiting time in intense combat.
  • Some abilities like Ice Age can be tricky to aim accurately, relying on player skill.”


The FF16 Eikon Tier List helps players understand the strengths and weaknesses of each Eikon, and I for one will emphasize not to pick Ifrit & Phoenix Eikon abilities. This only applies if you have Eikons unlocked of higher tier rankings than the C-tier ones. Otherwise, you do not have much choice at the beginning of FF16, where you have just a few Eikons available at your disposal. 


Ifrit Eikon [Image Credits: eXputer]
Ifrit in Final Fantasy 16 is an Eikon of Fire, manifested by Clive, the protagonist. This fierce entity initially appears in the “Flight of the Fledgling” main story mission, but its true potential is not unveiled until later in FF16. Despite having fewer abilities than other Eikons, Ifrit’s synergy with Phoenix’s abilities distinguishes it as a powerhouse, bringing a unique aspect to the gameplay. This duo of abilities grants players a distinct edge, creating a dynamic and immersive combat experience.

To unlock Ifrit in Final Fantasy 16, players must progress through the main story until they complete the “Buried Memories” quest. Afterward, as they begin the quest “The Meaning of Life,” Ifrit becomes available to them. While initially offering only three abilities, mastering these can greatly enhance Clive’s combat prowess. 


  • Ifrit can pair up with Phoenix for tactical advantages.
  • Its abilities are adaptable to various situations.
  • Limit Break provides both offensive and defensive benefits.
  • Suitable for different play styles.


  • Ifrit offers only three abilities, limiting strategic options.
  • Unlocking Ifrit’s full potential requires progressing to a later mission.


Phoenix [Image Credits: eXputer]
Phoenix, in Final Fantasy 16, is the initial Eikon you encounter, symbolizing Clive’s brother, Joshua. FF16 introduces Phoenix during the “Sunrise, Sunset” main story mission. Players will appreciate the Eikon’s remarkable abilities, providing a crucial element of support during combats.

Unlocking Phoenix in Final Fantasy 16 happens as part of the story progression. During the “Sunrise, Sunset” mission, you are introduced to Phoenix’s abilities. However, it’s not until the “Lost in a Fog” mission that players get the opportunity to fully utilize Phoenix in battle. It’s an automatic unlock, making Phoenix the first Eikon players have at their disposal, paving the way for strategic gameplay choices and various combat strategies.


  • Accessible early in the game.
  • Offers a mix of offensive and defensive abilities.
  • Has healing capabilities.


  • Some abilities have long cooldown times.
  • Primarily leans towards support and healing.

In conclusion, the FF16 Eikon Tier List is a valuable resource for players to understand the capabilities and features of each Eikon in the game. It helps players plan their strategies effectively and make the most out of their gameplay. Remember, the best Eikon for you depends on your play style, so use this list as a guide rather than a rule. Keep exploring, and enjoy your journey in the world of Final Fantasy 16.


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