Lost Ark: How To Access The Monte Island 

Take a look at a detailed guide on Monte island and the adventure quest you will need to complete to get the island token.

Lost Ark has a lot of explorable islands for the players to farm for a ton of different rewards like mounts or stat potions. One such island is Monte Island which allows the players to farm for many additional rewards that will help them further in their main quest. However, to access Monte island, the players will have to find a Monte island token and complete the adventure island quest. Among the 95 island tokens, the Monte island token is the hardest to collect in Lost Ark. 

Key Highlights  
  • Monte island is one of the Adventure Islands in Lost Ark. 
  • It will spawn randomly, and its availability can be checked via the Procyon Compass. 
  • The adventure quest for Monte island requires players to compete in a treasure hunt. 
  • The player with 5000 points will win the quest. 
  • The Monte island participation reward can be exchanged for exclusive items and to obtain the island token. 

How To Access The Monte Island 

Monte island is not available all the time for the players to access. There are only certain spawn times when the island will be open for all players to access. This is because it is an adventure Island, and the players will have to keep an eye out on the in-game calendar to see when Monte island is available for exploration.

Island location
Island location [Screenshot by eXputer]
There is no particular time for the island’s availability. It appears randomly; therefore, it is essential always to check the events through the Procyon Compass. As soon as it is available, the players will be able to access the island and complete the adventure island quest to get the island token. 

Monte Island Location 

You will find the island in the Sea Of Heavens across the sea from Faten. The area where the island will spawn will turn into a giant whirlpool for some time. 

Spawn Time Of The Island 

Now it is important to know when the island will spawn in order to access it. Unfortunately, Monte island will spawn at completely random times, and there is no set schedule for the island. However, the players will be able to keep track of Monte island by accessing their Procyon Compass.

Monte island spawn time in Lost Ark
Spawn Time [Screenshot by eXputer]
The Procyon compass will show you all the upcoming scheduled events as well as different dungeons that are available for the players to explore. You can check the availability status of Monte island as well as set the alarm for it by following the steps below. 

  • The first step is to click on the Procyon Compass Icon that will be located right beneath the mini-map. It is on the top left corner of the HUD. After clicking on it, you will be able to see all the events as well as the availability of Monte island. 
  • Next, you have to click on the Appearance Info option in the Adventure Island tab. You can access it via the Activity Tab menu. 
  • Lastly, you have to set the alarm for the availability of Monte island in Lost Ark so that you will know whenever it is available for exploration. 

After setting the alarm, you will get a notification of the availability of Monte island 15 minutes before it spawns. You can also change the time of the alarm in the settings. 

Earning The Island Token 

Island tokens are one of the many collectibles in Lost Ark that the players can turn in to gain a lot of different rewards. These island tokens can be exchanged for prizes by going to The Lonely Island in Opher and speaking to an NPC.

Due to the nature of rewards that can be gained by exchanging island tokens, many players are always on the hunt for them. The island token for Monte island can be obtained by competing against other players in a treasure hunt.

Island Token
Monte Island Token [Screenshot by eXputer]

Tips For Adventure Quest 

  • To open chests in Lost Ark, you can either interact with them using the G key or use a spatula by pressing F5 for a bonus point kick.
  • Collecting points is essential for increasing your chances of obtaining the Monte Island token.
  • Even with the least amount of points, you’ll still receive a chest as a reward along with 20 elemental tokens.
  • You can improve your chances and rankings by using items that provide a speed boost, such as the Swiftness Robe.
  • Treasure chests follow a common pattern of rotation, allowing you to plan your hunts accordingly.
  • The map displays pink symbols representing other players, indicating areas where chests are being opened. This can help you avoid competition and focus on less crowded spots.
  • Consider accessing Monte Island during low-activity hours to encounter fewer players and less competition.

Participation Rewards 

  • Completing the quest grants you the Monte Island participation reward, a form of currency for the island.
  • You can exchange this currency with the island’s vendor, Traveler Herodot, for exclusive rewards.
  • Rewards include items like engravings and the opportunity to unlock crew mates for your ship, but there are limits to these rewards.
  • Crewmates can be exchanged only once, while you can obtain an engraving chest twice a week for rare engravings and five times a week for uncommon ones.

First Place Reward 

The first place will go to the player who manages to collect 5000 points. They will get the following rewards. 

  • 20,000 silver 
  • 30 Monte Island participation reward 
  • 1 Monte Island join reward 

Second Place Reward 

The player in second place will get the following rewards. 

  •  1 Monte Island join reward 
  •  15,000 silver 
  •  28 Monte Island participation reward 

Third Place Reward 

 The player in third place will get the following rewards. 

  •  10,000 silver 
  •  26 Monte Island participation reward 
  •  1 Monte Island join reward 

Fourth Place Reward 

If you land in 4th place, you will get the following rewards. 

  •  1500 silver 
  •  24 Monte Island participation reward 
  •  One Monte Island joined the award 

Other players will get 1500 silver, 22 Monte Island participation rewards, and a Monte Island join reward. 

Mokoko Seeds Locations 

The Monte island offers a total of 4 Mokoko Seeds for you to collect.

monte island Lost Ark
Mokoko Seeds [Screenshot by eXputer]
They are quite easy to find, and the players can collect them before the adventure quest begins. Below is the location of every single Mokoko seed on Monte island. 

  • The first seed is near a bird’s nest. You will be able to find it in the western part of the map. 
  • The second Mokoko Seed can be acquired when you go to the eastern side of the map. You will have to make your way to the top of a ledge and climb some vines in order to collect the Mokoko Seed. 
  • The rest of the Mokoko Seeds can be acquired by going to the northern part of the map. You will need to play the song of resonance to get the seeds. 

Island Completion Rewards 

Following are all the rewards you will obtain after completing the Monte island quest. 

  • Monte Island Token 
  • Monte Island Join Reward 
  • Bharat Crew Application Form 
  • Ratina Crew Application Form 
  • Engraving Recipe Chests

Wrap Up 

With this, we conclude our detailed guide on Monte island in Lost Ark. You can check out our other guides, like how to obtain protection runes and the market online, to learn about buying and selling in the game.

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