Monster Hunter Rise Buddy Plaza: Location & Services

Monster Hunter Rise Buddy Plaza is located in Kamura Village. Here you get a wide variety of services, so must explore the Buddy Plaza

Monster Hunter Rise Buddy Plaza is Located in Kamura Village. You can reach the location by using the bridge in the main village area. However, players can’t directly jump into Palico facilities like most monster hunters. So, players must complete a small part of the storyline, especially the Back To Basics quest. After this, you can head to the Buddy Plaza. Here is everything you need to know about Buddy Plaza in Monster Hunter Rise.

Key Takeaways
  • Buddy Plaza in Monster Hunter Rise is located in Kamura Village, and can be accessed by crossing the bridge and heading towards the center of the village.
  • To unlock Buddy Plaza, players must complete a small portion of the storyline, specifically the Back To Basics quest.
  • Buddy Plaza is where players can hire and train Palicoes and Palamutes, access the Argosy trading ship, and use Buddy boards and training areas.
  • Palicoes have 5 support types to choose from, such as Healer and Gathering, which can be selected based on the player’s fighting style.
  • The Buddy Dojo allows players to level up their buddies without taking them on hunting quests, but is limited to six buddies at a time.
  • The Argosy allows players to send buddies on trading expeditions to acquire items.
  • The training area in the Buddy Plaza is focused on hunters, and allows players to explore weapons and join hub quests.
  • The Buddy Board at the Buddy Plaza allows players to manage their buddies, view their equipment and settings, change their appearance, and dismiss them if necessary.

First, let’s have a quick look at the summary of BuddyPlaza in Monster Hunter Rise:

BuddiesLocationsRelated NPCSServices
Buddy ScoutBuddy Plaza, Kamura VillageBuddy Handler IoriHire Buddies
Buddy DojoBuddy Plaza, Kamura VillageBuddy Expert ShirubeiTrain Buddies
The ArgosyBuddy Plaza, Kamura VillageRondine the TraderPlace Trade Requests Trade for Goods
Buddy BoardBuddy Plaza, Kamura VillagePalicoes PalamutesManage Buddies

Buddy Plaza Location In Monster Hunter Rise

After reaching Kamura village, you can open your Menu. There you can select Move Around Village. It will allow you to teleport to different areas like Steelworks, Village Entrance, and Buddy Plaza. 

Finding Buddy Plaza is a piece of cake. To access it, head towards the center of the village. There you will find two paths—one on the left, where Hinoa waits, and the other on the right, where you will discover Kagero. The Buddy Plaza is on the right.

Monster Hunter Rise Buddy Plaza
Bridge in Kamura Village

In short, crossing the bridge is vital, and after entering the wooden area, you will find Buddy plaza. After opening it, players can access it easily whenever they want. You will also meet a Buddy Handler Lori, which makes this location very important for aspiring hunters.   

Five Steps To Unlock Buddy Plaza

  • Complete a little bit of storyline to unlock the Buddy Plaza in Monster Hunter Rise.
  • Completing the Back To Basics quest is a must for all players before they attempt to unlock Buddy Plaza.
  • After finishing the first two steps, Open up the Menu.
  • Head to System and then to Move Around Village.
  • Reach the wooden area in the center of the village, and you will find Buddy Plaza’s entrance.

Buddy Plaza is where all buddy-related facilities and services are located in Monster Hunter Rise. Buddy Handler Lori will provide you with all the assistance. Here, you can hire buddies to add to your team. Also, you will be assigning them tasks to improve and enhance their abilities.

 In the middle of the plaza, there is a Toadversary. Your buddies will train there when you send them to the Dojo. Moreover, it is where Argosy docks. Argosy is a trading ship used frequently in the game’s latter stages to get essential items. 

Services You Get At Buddy Plaza

Buddy Plaza in Monster Hunter Rise is vital because it offers various services. Here you can hire new members and train them to enhance their attributes significantly. You get access to a ship that can be used to get essential items or send your buddies to distant lands. Also, it contains Buddy boards and training areas.   

Buddy Scout

Here, you can hire Palicoes and Palamutes and add them to your team. For this purpose, you might have to access Iori’s station, located on the right side of the entrance. 

Hiring Palicoes And Palamutes

In Monster Hunter Rise, you can hire extra Palicoes and Palamutes in Buddy Plaza for your party with Iori’s help. However, you will have to spend the gold or in-game currency, Zenny. There will be an entire list of buddies to choose from. Each Buddy has different skills and levels. The higher the level higher will be the cost.

We suggest you look at the complete information rather than Buddy’s level. Before selecting, you should check out the skills and stats of the Buddy as well. Each Buddy has a unique and coll name, but you can change the name after hiring if it doesn’t appeal to you.

Buddy Positions

Buddies are extraordinary to play with and upgrade, but the slots are limited. You can hire 21 Palicoes and 21 Palamutes. You must compromise if you have used all the slots and still want to hire a new buddy. Select your least favorite Buddy and select Dismiss Buddy option to remove a buddy and create a slot for the new one. Another easy way to remove a buddy is from Duddy Board.  

Palicoes Support Types

Palicoes have 5 support types, but you must select the type which goes hand in hand with your fighting style. The healer type is usually recommended to beginners. Whereas the Gathering type is helpful, if the material required for the upgrade is limited, it helps to get the material fast. The FIve types include:

  • Assist: Functions to set traps so that hunters can capture filthy monsters.
  • Bombardier: Functions to hurl bombs in a bottle, but you must be careful as they can also hurt you.
  • Fight: These Plalicoes have a function to inflict more significant attack damage and also buff your own attacks.
  • Gathering: these cats function to gather extra goodies and also harvest from monsters to provide additional material for making armor.
  • Healer: it functions to focus on the recovery of health points. Also, it clears status conditions for the entire team.

Customize Buddies

It’s impossible to customize Palicoes or Palamute’s body parts after it has been created. But, you can create a customized one by asking Iori to Scout a Buddy. Selecting this option will take you to the customization page. Also, go through our guides like MHR Bahari and Monster Hunter Rise Layered weapons.

You can choose tail types, fur color, eye shapes, and patterns during customization. Also, you can select a support type for any Palicoes you create. Hire a buddy whose looks attract you the most and join the hunting party to let the fun begin.  


Monster Hunter Rise Buddy Plaza
Neowcenaries in Buddy Plaza

By having a conversation with chief Kogarashi, you can send up to four buddies on expeditions to fight monsters and gather new varieties of plants. However, this requires Kamura points. It’s vital because these buddies will send back loot. If you send more buddies, the loot will be multiplied, and you will reap more benefits.

However, buddies busy training at Dojo located in Monster Hunter Rise Buddy Plaza or those part of your hunting parties can’t be sent on these expeditions. The efficiency of your buddies is dependent on your level. As your level increases, your buddies can explore more locations to fight monsters and gather loot.

Remember that an Expected outcome meter changes depending on the skill and level of the buddies you send on expeditions. The higher the meter more will be the number of goods. So, you must choose the buddies whose level is pretty high to get more loot. Also, send them to Buddy Dojo if you want to level up your buddies.

However, this process requires patience. It will need some time for the selected buddies to achieve their goals. You must regularly check with Chief Kogarashi to confirm if any goods are received. Also, if you want to pull back any of your Buddy from a quest, you must recall all buddies on the mission. 

Buddy Plaza Shrine

At the left of Meowcenaries, there is a giant tree. It has locked a scroll behind the shrine doors. So, unlocking requires some effort. You must complete all the village quests to unlock it.

Cohoot’s Nest

Monster Hunter Rise Buddy Plaza
Cohoots nest in Buddy Plaza

If you keep moving to the left of Meowcenaries station. There is a tree with Buddy Plaza Shrine in it. You will notice vines going up the trunk if you move around the tree. Once you find it, climb it up, and you will discover Cohoot’s nest. Keep visiting because sometimes you will find loot in here.  

Buddy Dojo In Monster Hunter Rise Buddy Plaza

Monster Hunter Rise Buddy Plaza
Buddy Dojo

The Buddy Dojo is a great place where you can level up your buddies without talking them on hunting quests. While busy doing other things, weaker buddies will reach your level. However, there is a limitation of six buddies. Also, you can find buddy expert Shurubei near the entrance of buddy plaza. He will assist you in entering buddies.

However, you must pay Kamura points for each round. Green icons represent rounds already paid by you, and available rounds are marked with a green icon. Also, using a unique item like a Lagnaipple will boost training sessions incredibly. Meanwhile, check out our guides like Monster Hunter Rise Dragonbone Artifact.

Monster Hunter Rise buddies training in the Dojo will show up at the center of Buddy Plaza to fight mechanical Tetranadon. It’s a time taking process, so take some time out from your missions and check the progress of your buddies frequently. Also, you can take buddies out of training at any time.

The Argosy

Monster Hunter Rise Buddy Plaza

Argosy in Monster Hunter Rise Buddy Plaza assists players in sending buddies to trade items. Items acquired by a buddy depend wholly on Buddy’s skill level and bargaining capabilities. Using Lagniapple further enhances bargain skills. When a buddy sets off for a trading expedition, an animation shows a Buddy being sent off in a submarine.

Once a buddy is sent, the job is not over. You will have to check the goods sent by your Buddy frequently. Also, you will have to spend a few Kamura points to purchase these items from Rondine. While you are at it, explore our guides like Monster Hunter Rise Seregios and Monster Hunter Rise Hunting horn build.

Skills for bargaining
Bargaining Skills

Training Area

Head right from Argosy, and you will discover two statues with a boat between them. Interact with that boat so that you can reach the training area. This area doesn’t belong to Buddy Plaza because it focuses more on hunters than Buddies. Meanwhile, go through our guides like Monter Hunter Rise Bullfango and MHR Sunbreak Prized Pelt

Wow! Now, you are inside the training area of Buddy Plaza in Monster Hunter Rise. Weapon controls will be available on the left side of your screen. The training area will also guide you on buttons that can be pushed to activate combos. The area has a lot to offer if you want to explore weapons and find out which one suits you the most. Also, you can join hub quests here.  

Buddy Board

Buddy Board
Buddy Board at Buddy Plaza

By using Monster Hunter Rise Buddy boards located in Buddy Plaza, you can manage your buddies in various ways. You can view buddies under your employ and organize your hunting party. Also, you can adjust the equipment and settings of your buddies. However, using a buddy board can’t change the armor and weapons.

Furthermore, you will find an appearance setting tab here. It doesn’t allow you to customize your buddies, but you can change the color of their outfits. Apart from that, you can get rid of the Buddy by selecting the Dismiss Buddy option. Also, go through our guides like Monster Hunter Rise Large Beast Gem, and Malzeno.

But there are 21 slots available which are more than enough. So, you will hardly need to dismiss a buddy. Buddy boards are not limited to only one location. You will find them at various locations. All the functions are available at every Buddy board, and they are not restricted to the buddy board at Buddy Plaza.

This wraps up the guide for Monster Hunter Rise Buddy Plaza. We have covered the topic in almost every aspect. We expounded on the location of the Buddy Plaza and the Services that can be received there. You must take full advantage of these services and have fun at the Buddy Plaza.


Monster hunter rise is an addictive and intriguing role-playing action game. It’s a joint production of Capcom and Nintendo Switch. Moreover, the action RPG contains state-of-the-art gameplay and features. It offers a wide range of Monster Hunter Rise Weapons and Armors to fight against ferocious monsters. 

Furthermore, it has fantastic builds like Sunbreak Dual Blade and Hammer build. Similarly, there are other builds like Monster Hunter Rise Bowgun and Greatsword build. Apart from that, you can enhance the pace of leveling up through farming. Farming items like Gold Lite Ore, Awegite Ore, and Fucium Ore might help significantly.

Similarly, you can farm items like Thunder Sac and Inferno Sac. If you are into leveling up your gear, Latent power in MHR is an ideal way to do it. 

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