Monster Hunter Rise Pricey Shoot: Location & Farming

Our detailed guide entails everything you need to know about Pricey Shoot in Monster Hunter Rise along with it's farming methods, quests, rewards and uses.

What Is Pricey Shoot In Monster Hunter Rise  

It is a high-class super shoot item that is required to unlock the Corn popper weapon design. The weapon is designed for Gunlance and hence can be very useful in long-range battles. Additionally, Pricey Shoot is fairly abundant and can be used to farm Kamura tickets or points as well. 

Key Highlights
  • Pricey Shoot is a high-class super shoot item in Monster Hunter Rise that is required to unlock the Corn popper weapon design for Gunlance. It can also be used to farm Kamura tickets or points.
  • It is available in both Master Rank and High-Class settings of the game, with the best place to farm it being the Sunbreak Expansion as a Master Rank item.
  • It is a rare item and can only be found in the gathering nodes called “Shoot Patch” in the Shrine Ruins, which is safe from monsters.
  • It can be found in five specific gathering nodes in the Sunbreak Expansion. The main camp, a stone arch on the left of the cliff, a rock behind a Snowbeetle and sleeping Jagras, a massive ivy patch, and a high platform reached by using the Great Wirebug.
  • The item is an objective in the master rank quest “A Token Of Gratitude,” where you need to deliver two Pricey Shoots to complete the quest and unlock the Cornpopper weapon.
  • The Cornpopper weapon has a high attack power and valuable Rampage Skills, making it useful for the endgame.
pricey shoot item in Monster Hunter Rise
Pricey Shoot in Monster Hunter Rise

Item Type 

Pricey Shoot is regarded as an “Account Item.” This means that the item will be converted automatically in Kamura Points or Zenny at the end of your expedition or hunt. Thus Pricey Shoot can help you farm money in Monster Hunter Rise as well. 

finding pricey shoot
Gathering nodes of Pricey Shoots

Account items like Pricey Shoots are rare finds. They are also a part of objectives in Gatherings Quests and can be farmed in special gathering nodes. While some items can be collected from Monster Dens and Nests, Pricey Shoot can only be found at gathering nodes. Also, check out our guide on Afflicted Materials in Monster Hunter Rise as well.

Item Rank 

Pricey Shoot is available in both Master Rank and High-Class settings of Monster Hunter Rise. However, if you’re looking to farm the item as much as possible, you will need to look for it in the gathering nodes of Sunbreak Expansion. In the Sunbreak, it comes as a Master Rank item. Do check out the Fashion Sets in Monster Hunter Rise guide by us to slay monsters in style!

You can unlock Mr1 by completing Sunbreak’s first mission, the “Uninvited Guest- Hunt Daimyo Hermataur,” in the Shrine region of Monster Hunter Rise. The giant red crab will attack you with its claws and shoot water at you. But fighting this monster is necessary if you want to farm Pricey Shoot. 

Rarity And Item Value 

Pricey Shoot belongs to Rarity 4 in Monster Hunter Rise and is considered an essential material in Account Items. Each Pricey Shoot you collect will sell for about 200 zenny. Since Pricey Shoot can be found at various gathering nodes in Sunbreak, you can earn a lot of zenny by collecting the item. There is no hold limit specified for a Pricey Shoot as of now, so you can collect as many as you want! 

How To Farm Pricey Shoot

Pricey Shoot can only be found in the gathering nodes called Shoot Patch, which can be found in the Shrine Ruins. These ruins are safe from monsters; thus, you won’t have to fight any monster to collect Pricey Shoot. 

map location
The green dots on the map show the gathering nodes of Pricey Shoot

Pricey Shoot Locations

Currently, Pricey Shoot can be farmed at five gathering nodes in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. We have listed all of them in detail below. 

Location #1 

The first Shoot Patch is located in the main camp where you start from. You need to go behind the camp and look for some trees. There will be a cliff there that you need to climb using your Great Wirebug. The gathering node of Pricey Shoot will be lo rated to your left. There would be some bamboo shoots nearby as well. 

Location #2 

Now for the second Shoot Patch, you need to move straight down from the main camp. It would be best if you reached a Stone Arch located on the cliff’s left side. To reach the second level of the cliff, use your Great Wirebug. The Shoot Patch gathering node will be located nearby. 

Location #3 

Once you’ve collected the Pricey Shoot on the second level of the cliff, you need to search it further to find another gathering node. Use your Wirebug to ascend another level of the cliff and make your way to the right. Move straight until you spot the Snowbeetle and the sleeping Jagras.

The Shoot Patch gathering node will be located in the rock behind them. On a side note, if you feel like your game keeps crashing while you’re farming Pricey Shoot, then our Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Crashing Solution guide will help you out.

Location #4  

Now you need to carefully drop down the cliff to look for the fourth Pricey Shoot. You will come across a massive ivy patch. To cross it easily, make sure you have your Palamute with you. Make your way to the top, where you will come across Felynes and Melynxes.

You need to pass by their base and take a right from there. There is a small ledge located nearby. Drop down the ledge and go straight to the edge of the cliff. The Shoot Patch can be found here. 

Location #5 

The last Pricey Shoot can be found in the same region. You just need to drop down the cliff again and locate a wall nearby. Jump over this wall and move straight ahead. You will reach another cliff that you need to climb. There is an Escuregot nearby. Turn left from here, and you will eventually reach the last Shoot Patch. 

Pricey Shoot Quest Uses

The high-rank item is an objective of one of the master rank quests of Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. Wakana the Greengrocer will send you on the quest called “A Token Of Gratitude,” and you need to deliver two Pricey Shoots to her. When you have completed the quest, you will get a Cornpopper I Design Blueprint. Take the Blueprint to Smithy to unlock the weapon.  

Quest with farming two Pricey Shoot as an objective

Cornpopper is a Rarity I item and has a high attack power of 160. The Rampage Skills of the weapon include Anti Aquatic Species,  Spiribird Doubled, and Wyrmstake Boost. These skills are very valuable for the endgame; thus, it is recommended that you complete the Token of Gratitude quest. 

weapon from pricey shoot in Monster Hunter Rise
Cornpopper I


Pricey Shoot is one of the essential items to farm in Monster Hunter Rise. The rewards of completing the quest include a blueprint of Cornpopper, which is a great weapon for the end game. 

This concludes our guide on Pricey Shoot’s location, farming, uses, and quests in Monster Hunter Rise. Make sure to give your feedback in the comments below. Happy farming hunters! 

Other Tips For New Players

You can equip a support Palico in Monster Hunter Rise and a Monksnail too. There are many farmable locations like Rock Roses, Immature Sponge, and Frocium. Moreover, items like Thunder Sac, Meaty Hide, Gold Lite Ore, and Awegite Ore help you upgrade your weapons. The weapons like Switch Axe, Dual Blades, and Bowgun in Monster Hunter Rise make your monster slaying experience more fun. 

Among all the farmable items, the pricey Shoot is the most essential in Monster Hunter Rise, and it can also be farmed in the Sunbreak Expansion. Our guide today will discuss in detail the location, uses, and farming methods of Pricey Shoot in Monster Hunter Rise. Before you read on, make sure to check the best mods in Monster Hunter Rise. 

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