eXputer presents Best Game Guides that are written by players who actually play the game. Our Game Guides cover in-depth analysis, benchmarks, settings, tier list, performances, error fixes, locations, and many more.

The guides are designed with a singular objective of helping gamers achieve the desired outcome, such as unlocking characters, solving puzzles, getting items, and much more. It is why we at eXputer have dedicated resources to cover guides of video games regardless of the tech platform.

Games Released

Gaming Guides we have covered so far, the entire schedule sorted by release date.
2023 Releases
2022 ReleasesOlder Releases
Dead Island 2Crisis Core Reunion FFVIIDestiny 2
RE4 RemakeWarhammer 40K DarktideNBA 2K21
Wo Long: Fallen DynastyMidnight Suns Tower of Fantasy
Sons Of The ForestPokemon Scarlet & VoiletFar Cry 6
Wanted: DeadWarzone 2Psychonauts
Hogwarts LegacyGod of War RagnarokNaraka Bladepoint
Atomic HeartCall of Duty Modern Warfare 2Resident Evil Village
Wild HeartsBayonetta 3Outriders
Dead Space RemakePath To NowhereMonster Hunter Rise
ForspokenVictoria 3Cyberpunk 2077
Fire Emblem EngageGotham KnightsAssassin's Creed Valhalla
One Piece OdysseyMario Strikers Battle LeagueGenshin Impact
Marvel SnapGrounded
A Plague Tale: RequiemGhost of Tsushima
Overwatch 2TemTem
FIFA 23Lost Ark
Slime Rancher 2 Borderlands 3
Return To Monkey IslandRisk of Rain 2
SteelrisingApex Legends
Splatoon 3Red Dead Redemption 2
NBA 2K23Assassin's Creed Odyssey
Disney Dreamlight ValleyRaft
The Last Of Us Part 1Sea of Thieves
Soul Hackers 2Dragon Ball FighterZ
Saints RowCuphead
Thymesia Little Alchemy 2
Way Of The HunterFortnite
Rumbleverse PUBG
Cult of the LambPersona 5
Farthest FrontierStardew Valley
Hard West 2Ark Survival Evolved
Xenoblade Chronicles 3The Witcher 3
Digimon SurviveGTA V
As Dusk FallsCSGO
DNF DuelMinecraft
Disney Dreamlight ValleySkyrim
The QuarryTerraria
Mario Strikers Battle LeagueFallout New Vegas
Diablo ImmortalFinal Fantasy XIV
Sniper Elite 5League of Legends
Ni No Kuni Cross WorldsRoblox
V RisingWorld Of Warcraft 
DislyteDragon Ball FighterZ
Lego Star Wars Skywalker SagaSea of Thieves
Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands
Ghostwire Tokyo
Gran Turismo 7
Elden Ring
Horizon Forbidden West
Dying Light 2
Evil West