Pre-Orders For Xbox Series X Are Already Over In the UK

PS5 or Xbox Series X, things remain same

Everybody thought that Xbox Series X would sell In a nice manner, and most players will have a chance to pre-order the next-gen console. However, to everyone’s surprise. The Console sold out faster than PS5, which was heavily criticized for its unusual pre-order timing.

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S pre-order listings were up In the UK at 8 Am. Just a few hours later, at 10 am. Players tweeted out, that they were unable to pre-order the console. Popular retailers like Currys, Argos, Smyths, GAME, and Highly relevant Amazon updated the listings with “out of stock.”

Microsoft Store, which players thought would be the best place to pre-order has also updated the listing. A few hours earlier, you could click on configure now and pre-order the Console. Now, you simply cannot click on the configure now button.

Xbox Series X Pre-Order

According to Players who were able to pre-order the console, It was absolute chaos. Sharing their experience on Reddit, the Majority of them wrote that they were in a queue of 2000 people. Others claim that stores kept crashing, website’s glitched, and links kept going down. Many players who thought they secured a Series X, are now being refunded for canceled orders.

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“NOTE FOR UK PEOPLE: About 5 minutes ago I got my Argos Pre Order. I’m pretty sure Very have some left too. Don’t bother with Game, the website is down. Microsoft store is broken. Currys has a queue of over 100k. a Reddit User wrote”

Unlike its big brother, the Xbox Series S didn’t sell out as fast enough. The console is still available for pre-order, and you can check the majority of the retailers we listed above.

Amazon UK Store won’t allow you to Select UK In Shipping. Series S Is out of stock as well…

Apparently a Reddit user contacted JB HI-FI, and this was their reply. “Due to overwhelming demand, we’ve had to hit pause on taking any more pre-orders. Don’t worry, as soon as we have more visibility on stock availability we will re-open pre-orders.”

Just checked JB HI-FI Store, and the Xbox Series X Launch price is $749, while the Series S would be $499.

This is one way to stop players from pre-ordering the console

It’s absolute chaos out there. Some stores have even changed priced, and others like GAME have completely frozen their website. Anyway, If you were unable to pre-order the Xbox Series X. Do not worry, because there will be plenty more during Launch. Likewise, you can try your luck in other countries where pre-orders will start later today.

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