Universal Display Corporation May Have Confirmed the Nintendo Switch Pro

Subtlety at its best for a leak this big

Rumors surfacing about the Nintendo Switch Pro just may have some truth to their name. After all, the base model released a little over 4 years ago, beckoning to receive an upgrade. Additionally, it has sold strong numbers to date, with sales closing in at about 28.83 million units and back-to-back periods of success.

It seems now, however, that Nintendo Switch is all set to join the line-up of next-gen consoles, right alongside the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X|S. This is because Universal Display Corporation has leaked the Nintendo Switch Pro in the subtlest of manners during their Q1 investors call. The scene has been first reported by Spawn Wave on Twitter, indicating that the leak might have been accidental.

The CEO of the OLED firm Steven V. Abramson says in the report, “Nintendo has selected an OLED screen for the new Switch Pro due to OLED benefits of higher contrast and faster response times.” Take a look at the except yourself below.

Universal Display Corp Q1 Investors Call
Universal Display Corp Q1 Investors Call

This comes as a hefty upgrade for the current-gen Nintendo Switch as it dons a mere 1280 x 720 LCD screen. The updated variant of the handheld console is going to reportedly ship with an OLED screen. The fact that the latter only sports a 4K resolution is something beyond exciting for all Nintendo fans out there.

The future looks bright for Nintendo. An official announcement is seemingly a question of when now as we can comprehend.

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Matt Hunter

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